No matter whether it’s a wedding, a private lunch or a corporate training program, guests expect the best feast. If you are the organizer, it’s obvious that you need to select the right caterer for all arrangements. With many options around, how would you select one?

Below we have mentioned 10 tell-a-tale signs of a good caterer.

  • Responsive at all times. A good caterer, regardless of whether he is awarded the contract or not, will take interest in your call. If a service takes more than 48 hours to get back or send an email, steer clear of them.
  • When it comes to catering, nothing matters more than experience. If you look check options for catering Houston, consider the background of the company and the number of years it has been in business.

  • Diverse menus. Every event is different, so a catering service is expected to have a diverse menu, with at least a few options in each.
  • Seasonal specialties. Food tastes better when its seasonal. Check if the concerned caterer uses seasonal produce, and you can also ask questions related to their suppliers.
  • More service options. Some caterers only deal with full-service catering, while others may offer delivery services. More options you have, the better.
  • More inclusions in full-service catering. If you have hired a service for a big event, you would expect to them to offer everything that’s expected, including bar packages, dessert station, buffet services, passed appetizers, waitstaff and bartenders.

  • Quick with estimates. A good caterer is also expected to offer estimates almost immediately. The proposal should include the menu along with a list of things that are provided in the package.
  • Interest in your event. Caterers don’t just serve food, but they are also responsible for ensuring that the whole bunch of services is in sync with your event. In short, they should be interested in everything.
  • Management of different events. The needs of a private lunch event are very different than a corporate training program. Find a caterer that has experience and resources to handle all kinds of requirements.

  • Open for food tasting. While this can be a chargeable service, caterers are expected to offer food tasting services on request. You can select two to four items in the menu for tasting, ahead of the event.

Check online now to find the best catering services in your area.