If you cannot find fresh fruits in the local market, you aren’t alone. Some of the best fruits have to be sold in frozen form to increase shelf-life, and there’s no compromise as far as taste and nutrition is concerned. Back when retail options were not available, people used to stock fresh fruits in a zip-lock pouches. Thankfully, you can now buy Nature’s Touch Frozen Fruits easily, and almost all kinds and varieties are available in the commercial freezers of the retail stores. Frozen fruits can be consumed immediately, but in this post, we bring three easy recipes that you can try at home.

  • Make a fruit mousse. A good alternative to regular smoothie, a fruit mousse is easy to make and is great in taste. Take any frozen fruit of your choice – mangoes, blueberries, blackberries, or anything that works – in a blender. Add about one to two teaspoons of sugar along with an egg white. Churn the blender for about five minutes with breaks in between, and your fruit mousse is ready. Serve in a small bowl with some extra frozen fruits on the top. This is also a great dessert to make when you have guests at home.
  • Make a fruit pancake. Kids love pancakes, and you can only add more nutrition to the recipe by using frozen fruits. Take a cup of all-purpose flour, add a few spoons of sugar, with three teaspoons of baking powder and a pinch of salt. In a separate bowl, take two large eggs with the yolks, add a cup of milk and a little vanilla essence. Add the mix to the first one and make a nice batter. Next, spread the batter on a nonstick pan and cook until one side of the pancake is done. On the top, add some fruits of your choice – berries and bananas work well. Flip after the other side is done.

  • Make a quick smoothie. Probably the easiest recipe of all, just add a few chunks of your favorite fruits in a blender and add about a cup of milk. Sugar is a personal choice, but for that healthy meal, skip it. You can adjust the amount of fruits depending on how thick you like the smoothie, and you can replace regular milk with skim milk to minimize fat content.

Next time you crave for snacks, make one of these recipes and get going!