Thanksgiving is not the only festival where one needs to cook a turkey. There are many occasions where turkey can serve as an addition to the menu. Sometimes it’s the guests who might arrive unannounced, or your children may desire to eat turkey today, or you are simply in a mood to cook you or your family some smoked turkey. So, if you have no idea how to do it.

Here is a step by step guide to help you do the same. You are welcome.

  1. Butterflying

This is the first step to proceed with. Butterflying also known as spatchcocking helps in cooking the bird more easily and quickly.

  1. Dry-brining

The next step is to dry-brine the bird. This is done by rubbing the bird with salt or doing a spice rub which comprises salt. Then refrigerate it for a few nights because we want the salt to be entirely enmeshed into the meat of the bird and loosen up its body so that it becomes easier and juicier to cook.

  1. Add baking powder to the rub

This is done in order to form tiny bubbles on the turkey’s surface while it is roasting. Also adding to the surface area of the turkey in turn, adds to the crispness of its skin. It also hence, adds to the pH level of the surface which enhances the browning.

  1. Slow cooking

Now it is time to slow cook the turkey over indirect heat. Make sure to point its legs in the direction of the source of the heat. This is done because the legs can handle the intense heat than the delicate meat of the breast. This is done gradually to evenly cook the breast meat of the turkey and give it large amount of time to enhance its smoky flavor.

  1. Monitor the internal temperature of the cooked turkey

Next step is to diligently monitor the internal temperature of the cooked turkey in order to ensure that the meat of the breast never gets above 150 degrees F. If it gets any higher than this temperature, the meat becomes entirely dry and chalky. No matter if the government leaves the caveat to cook turkey at 165 degrees F, it is perfectly safe to consume the turkey at 150 degrees F. Also check it with a thermometer. And let it rest for at least for a minimum of 4 minutes before serving it hot.