Food poisoning takes place when an individual consumes food contaminated by bacteria, parasites or virus. It may also happen when one eats foods that aren’t ready prepared or foods that aren’t handled well along the way of preparing them.

Signs and symptoms of food poisoning

When a person consumes poisoned foods, they begin showing some signs and symptoms. With respect to the kind of poison, this will happen immediately or within several hrs following the individual had the meals. The signs and symptoms include:-



Stomach pain

Getting fever in couple of days


The elder people, babies, the folks with immune complications, and also the women that are pregnant tend to be more vulnerable to showing severe signs and symptoms of food poison.

Critical Poisoning Results of Food

Some cases of food contamination with poison aren’t harmful and may finish within a short while. However, if an individual encounters the next signs and symptoms, he should seek medical assistance as quickly as possible:

Higher level of dizziness

Elevated breathing rate or heartbeat


Experiencing visual disturbances

Getting an issue in speaking

Paralyzed muscles

These signs and symptoms reveal that the individual were built with a severe poison for their food and really should be treated within the shortest time otherwise the problem can lead to other issues or perhaps cause dying.

Remedies to Poisoned Foods

Using the details about food poisoning and it is signs and symptoms maintained, you should know how to approach the issue of food poisoning. The next are the remedies to food poison that will help the individual within this condition:

Allow him to rest. Eating poisoned Food could make your body of the baby weak. It is therefore essential for the individual to possess enough rest.

Fresh lemon juice. Allow the person take this juice. It can help in killing the majority of the bacteria which had caused the poisoning.

Bananas. Provide the person bananas his or her potassium energy works well for recovering. However, the individual isn’t designed to take greater than two bananas and particularly if he’s getting diarrhea.

Use ginger root juice. Combine it with a tablespoon of honey it can help for complications with how excess.

Avoid taking any medication without doctor’s approval

Try taking water, coconut water, or Gatorade in plenty however in small sips to prevent lack of fluids.