Planning a BBQ party can be sometimes stressful especially if you are not used to doing it. It is important that you plan everything in advance in order to avoid panicking which can turn the party into a disaster. It is very important that you work hard to impress our guests without the added stress. Below are some friendly tips on how to host a backyard barbeque party with your friends or loved ones.

Step number one: Prepare all the things that you need for the barbeque party in advance.

-Make a complete list of the things that you need to buy. Drinks, meat, finger foods, and disposable glasses, plates, and utensils should be part of the list. Using plastic or disposable utensils are highly recommended so it would be easier for you and your friends to clean up after the event.

-Do your grocery shopping at least 2 or 3 days before the party to avoid last minute cramming which does more harm than good.  You also need enough time to marinate your meats and sausages.

Step number two: Assign someone to be in charge of the grill.

-The reason why you should assign someone to take charge of the grill is to ensure that the outcome of the grilled meat and Kansas City BBQ is consistent and of good quality.

-The person in charge of the grill must also make sure that there is more than enough supplies of coal to cook and even reheat your meat dish.

Step number three: Tell your guests to bring additional foods or preferably side dishes.

-During the special occasion, you can ask your visitors to bring some food or to do a potluck which will bring variety to the table. Also, it will cut down your preparation time to half.

-If you have children, better prepare kid-friendly foods so that everyone would enjoy the barbeque party.

Step number four: Make sure that you place all the drinks in the cooler ahead of time.

-It is a part of the host’s responsibility to make sure that all guests are being served with ice cold drinks. Fill a big tub with ice and arrange all drinks so anyone can just grab a refreshing drink while waiting for the barbeque and the rest of the food to be served.

-Make sure to stock up on more than enough ice cubes. One of the most common things that happen during parties is they often run out of ice in the middle of the party. This scenario makes it inconvenient for anybody to go out and buy ice.

Step number the five: Plan some activities for the kids.

-As we all know that children have a limitless amount of energy to spare and they easily get bored resulting in tantrums.  Create a couple of activities and games so the kids have something to keep them busy while the adults are socializing with each other.

-Prepare some goodies and small prizes for them so they have something to look forward to.