When it comes to making a first impression design is everything. Regardless of individual taste or what theme and impression you wish to convey, how your restaurant is designed can make or break it. Here are some more detailed explorations of why:

Creating the experience

Regardless of how simple or sophisticated a restaurant may be, customers will carry away with them an overall impression of your restaurant that is composed of three main elements: their individual taste, their experience of the restaurant overall and the food. It isn’t possible to cater to everyone’s individual taste and that’s why there are so many restaurants around. A variety of food, styles and design offer customers a choice.

Design should convey the type and style of restaurant you are offering and suggest a pleasing experience to customers. The three main elements that should be incorporated in your restaurant’s design are:

  • the overall feel
  • its ability to allow the delivery of great service and food
  • individuality

The creation of an overall feel of a restaurant is achieved by its design combining all of the elements necessary to do so. From the choice of furniture, décor, lighting and layout to the clothes staff wear and the design of the menus, everything will combine and create both initial and lasting impressions in customers.

Getting it clear

If you accept that design encompasses absolutely every detail of your restaurant then plotting a course to use it all to make an impression need not be as daunting a task as it may seem. But the starting point has to be the answer to a simple question: What type of restaurant do I want to create?

Be clear on your character: do you want a contemporary restaurant or something with a character evocative of another era? Art Deco, or Nouveau? Perhaps a 60s theme? Or something that combines elements of the most contemporary approaches featuring open kitchens and live shrubs and trees amongst the tables? Being absolutely clear on what type of restaurant you want is essential before design can start.

Keeping it straight

There are so many temptations that can lead you astray when getting into designing your restaurant. It’s vital that you stay true to your vision and listen to what design tells you. For example, you may be nearly there with the restaurant itself and want to create a bar to compliment it. The restaurant may be ultra-contemporary with a clean, sparse look. Contrasting it with an Art Deco style bar, all mirrors and chrome, may seem very tempting, but it may be completely out of place within your overall look. The message here is when you have your overall concept and are sure what type of impression, feel and look you want, stick with it and don’t stray off course.

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