Rapid City is one of the loveliest and second largest city in South Dakota, not only it has several restaurants, food chains, and even the view of the massive sculptures of the iconic presidents can have you amazed. But being in the city won’t get better without trying the signature dishes from Boss’ Pizza and Chicken.  You can have it dinned-in or have it delivered in your doorstep.

The Menu

People are going crazy with pizza and chicken from Boss’. From the fabulous signature pizzas, fresh green salads, amazing broasted chicken that is strong and flavorful, excellent pasta and a lot of choices from the menu, name it, Boss’ Pizza and Chicken have it. They have everything for everyone. They have child-friendly, a selection of low carb choices and a wide variety of dessert. The fusion of bold flavors, will keep people coming back for more.

Party Accommodations and Doorstep Delivery

The trend of delivering good food to your home has undergone fast changes to catch the hearts of the food Conyers across America. Boss’ Pizza & Chicken Delivery in Rapid City is the best in their menu. They bring good food right into your doorstep.

Boss’ Pizza and Chicken have a complete menu guide so customers can choose their food with ease. The advancement of the digital technology is changing the trend of the food market. People are familiar with shopping or ordering online through websites and apps. With Boss’ Pizza and Chicken, apart from a phone call, people can now order their favorite pizzas, , and chicken online and in a few minutes, you can indulge in a sumptuous food from them in the comforts of your home.

Event planning can sometimes be the hassle. One of the most hectic is planning for your event’s dining setup. Let the Boss’ Pizza and Chicken restaurant become a part of your event’s success and make dining experience become memorable. The restaurant has a 24/7 response team that can take care of your buffet preparation. Anyone anywhere in Rapid City can book and let the restaurant serve their significant events with wide choices of delicious pizza, pasta, chicken, salads and more. The catering menu is just available online, so you can choose the perfect food for your event. You can place your catering order in just a few clicks or you can as well call directly, place your orders and the staff will take care of all your dining needs.

Where to Find Us?

The restaurant is just located at the heart of Rapid City. In the midst of the busy streets, bright lights and majestic high rise buildings there located the Boss’ Pizza and Chicken. It is just a few kilometers away from the Dinosaur Park and the Skyline Wilderness Area Park. Come bring your families and friends and you will be welcomed by our hospitable and delightful staff. Visit now and enjoy the great food and gain memorable experiences.