The Bahamas is one of the most heavenly places on the planet with tropics, the ocean and sandy beaches and all that you need for a classic ideal vacation. The Bahamas is about 700 islands and about 2000 coral reefs. Each island of the Bahamian archipelago is worthy of attention. But now we are about to explore the Harbor island and its pink beach.

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Harbor is an island and an administrative district in the Bahamas, located off the north-east coast stretched from the south to the north of the island of Eleuthera (in fact this part of the island is called the Northern Eleuthera). Let’s have a look at where to explore on Harbour Island.

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The island of Harbor has an elongated, almost from the north to the south, form. The length is 5.3 kilometers, width is up to 810 meters. This island with its peculiar pink beach is different from other tropical islands. The pink beach is famous for its, quite impressive, size. The entire eastern coast of the island is formed by the Pink Beach (in the original Pink Sands Beach) for about 4.5 kilometers long.

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The eastern coast of the island is reliably protected by coral reefs from the riot of the Atlantic. Therefore, the ocean here is calm and serene. The west coast is actually a shoreline of a large but not very deep inner lagoon, surrounded on all sides by islands. Incredibly clean and transparent waters around the island attract divers from all over the world. Visibility under water is up to 60 meters. This allows you to feel and understand the beauty of the underwater world of the Bahamas as much as possible.

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Back to the biggest attraction of the island of Harbor, it’s incredibly beautiful pink sands. When you see such splendor, it creates a feeling of unreality of these photographs or at least their quality photomontage. Nevertheless, everything pictured in the photo really exists in nature.

 The pink sands of the beach shimmer with all shades of pink flowers depending on the intensity of the daylight. This is not an optical illusion. The reason for this unique phenomenon is the presence of a lot of reddish and pink impregnations in the usual sea sand. These are small fragments of corals, shells and microscopic organisms of foraminifera, which have a reddish-pink shell. This entire cocktail, frayed by time and surf in fine sand creates that unique and inimitable color of the beach. On closer inspection, by the way, you can clearly see these small colored blotches. They are obtained from approximately such shells, which you see in the photo below.

It was founded in the 18th century. In Danmore, there are just fewer than 1800 people, most of whom work in the tourism sector (mainly souvenirs and work for the benefit of tourists). The streets of the town have a magical attraction. Honestly, would you like to live here? If you need to explore where to explore on Harbour Island then this information will be of good use to you.