Across the globe, duck has been a prominent culinary delight. Whether cooked in the Christmas or plated in parties, duck fascinates passionate poultry food appreciators. When the Danes prefer cooking and serving duck and pork in Christmas, the French has elevated it to a major food ingredient for preparing retro recipes. Over the globe, French culinary art is appreciated for being classy and elegant and when the ducks are skinned and the cut into perfect shapes before tossing on the pan on grilling in the fire by the French chefs, the cuisine is deviated into a heavenly experience. Whether it’s the duck breast or the legs, you can also give it a best shot by knowing some of the world’s most fascinating duck meat recipes.

Roasted Duck

Like a full chicken or turkey, a full duck can be roasted in the traditional oven or even in the modern day kitchen where hobs and microwaves are ruling. Roasting of duck is the cooking style while you can get various recipes of roasted ducks.

You need to figure out the occasion before choosing the recipe. Surprise your guests by serving a traditional duck cuisine during Christmas. It should definitely be roast duck with prune and apple stuffing or preparations like roast duck in citrus pan sauce, duck meat in green olives and herbes-de-provence, duck roasted in orange-sherry sauce, duck a l’orange, duck in five-spice sauce and noodles and so on.

Duck confit

Known to be one of most traditional and mouth smacking duck recipes by the French, the duck confit is a pleasure to your taste buds for its slow cooking process with the perfect seasoning and marinating. To prepare the recipe, you need 4 large pieces of duck legs along with the thigh, 4 duck wings, thyme, 4 table-spoon of salt, 4-5 cloves of garlic, 4 cups of duck fat, 1 shallot peeled and finely chopped, some freshly grounded black pepper. Take a large pan where you can comfortably place all the pieces of meat on a single layer. Sprinkle a table-spoon of salt on the base and place the duck meats. Sprinkle the rest of the seasoning including the thyme and table smashed garlic cloves. Refrigerate it for 1-2 days and the bake in 225 F.

Slow cooking ducks make it tender and tasty. Try these recipes at home and get the pleasure of dining in the restaurants and duck menu served by the talented chefs.