You’ve probably heard that Romania is one of the main exporters regarding sheep and cattle ranking position number 3 after Spain and the UK. Having beautiful surroundings and green grass, this country has a habitat natural suitable for raising animals.

Important factors for breeding sheep

Although they are not very pretentious, the sheep need a lot of other things, not just a friendly environment. Here is a list of the main factors which can influence the developing of the sheep:

  1. The pasture

The nutritional requirements are strongly related to the periods of the year. For example, in the gestation period, the ewes need qualitative fodder in order to have strenght during the birth of the lamb. Besides, every animal needs various ration in order to prevent sheep obesity in some cases and starvation at others. Another condition for the breeding is the fresh water. The fodder should not be chemically treated and shoul contain small amounts of vitamins and minerals.

  1. The health status

The internal and external parasites are very dangerous for the health of the animals. They need to be examined by a vet and they required special attention.

  1. The social needs

No matter how odd it would seem at first glance, the sheep have social needs. They have a strong flock instinct so they need to be raised together.

23 years experience in exporting lamb, sheep and cattle

Seradria is a company specialized in exporting lamb, sheep and cattle. The farm where all the animals are raised is situated in Romania, near town Rascruci, in Cluj Napoca. The farm is built and managed as per all regulations required by the European Union and the capacity of the farm is around 150.000 sheep for sale and cattle per year.

How should I choose the breed

Before you make the purchase, you’ll have to consider the reason do you want to buy sheep. Do you want livestock for the meat or for their wool, or do you want to build your own farm? Here are some tricks and tips which you can follow in order to choose wisely:

  1. Take in mind their level of reproduction

It depends on the traits of the breeds. Throughout time, shepherds made many efforts to obtain the best characteristics of the sheep breeds and sometimes they made some cross-breds. Ewes can give birth to a single, twins or multiple lambs.

  1. Keep in mind the adaptability to the environment and to their available resources

This is an important trait when you want to make a business by raising sheep. You have to figure out what kind of environment can provide them. What kind of resources do they need?

  1. Think of the type of the wool they have

For example, finer-wool breeds are more suitable for areas with aridity. There are types of breeds which are can be raised for their wool, others are recommended for breeding and crossbreeding. The meat depends on the age of lambs to slaughter, the traditions, and obviously, it depends on the consumer preferences. In Romania, the most common breeds are Tsurcana, Tsigai and Merinos.